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Arctic Monkeys won't release any singles before album launch


In what has to be the most overly covered interview of all-time, the soon-to-be-infamous interview between Alex Turner and Mojo ahead of the release of the new Arctic Monkeys album has turned up another story.

It seems that the band will not release any tracks before the May 11th release of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, via Domino records.

Speaking about the band’s decision not to drop any singles before the album release, Sony boss Guy Moot said: “Sometimes in this day and age, less is more. This is a hugely anticipated record and the waiting will make it even more exciting come May 11. The great thing about the way they’re going to release the album is you’re going to listen to it as a body of work.

“You are going to enjoy it for how it was made with a concept running all the way through it.”

Earlier in the week Turner suggested that it was more in part down to guitarist Jamie Cook “Jamie was really keen on that idea, and I guess people at Domino,” he said. “But it didn’t come from me. I understand it, I think.”

It’s a throwaway comment which is giving further fuel to the fire of expectation for the latest effort from the Sheffield boys. We can’t remember another album being so widely discussed, can you?