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Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders named his favourite bands of all time


Rock and roll wunderkind Nandi Bushell is living the dream: her insanely popular drumming covers have led to a massive online profile, to the point where when she called out Dave Grohl to a drum duel, she eventually got to perform ‘Everlong’ on stage with the Foo Fighters.

It also means that other drummers are taking notice, one of whom is Arctic Monkeys founder and Iggy Pop sideman Matt Helders. Helders appeared on Bushell’s YouTube channel back in July for an interview and freeform jam with the young instrumentalist, and during the sit down, he divulged on some of his favourite bands of all time.

“Not in any particular order, but Led Zeppelin, The Beatles… let me think, I don’t want to leave anybody out,” Helders explains, before offering up a slightly left field choice: The Beach Boys. Helders demures on the finishing out the top five, but also offers up his favourite song to drum as being ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ and his favourite drummer as John Bonham, so at least he’s remarkably consistent.

Helders and Bushell end the chat with a thunderous duet. Perhaps out of either reverence or fear, Helders noticeably hangs back and allows Bushell to take over the proceedings. Hey, it’s her house, her YouTube channel, and her interview, so it’s understandable.

Check out the video down below.