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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


Could Arctic Monkeys be planning a homecoming show in Sheffield for 2021?

It looks as though Arctic Monkeys are planning for a mammoth homecoming show in Sheffield next year as the rumours begin to grow.

Renowned promoters SJM have given notice of a license application to stage three events between June 4th-6th in the city’s own Hillsborough Park.

Park visitors noticed the details of the event posted on the park gates. Though the notice offers little in the way of clarity regarding who the event may be for, it does state that it will feature “the provision of regulated entertainment” and the “provision of live music.”

The company eFestivals has claimed that the Arctic Monkeys are the act ready to bring their massive live show back home for a few special nights.

This isn’t the first time the rumour mill has got churning after an application to the council has been made. In 2018, we reported on the band’s application and subsequent withdrawal in relation to a proposed mega-show.

In the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, with so much sad news for lovers of live music, this may perhaps offer a ray of light on the horizon. Watch Arctic Monkeys take on Glastonbury in 2013 for a glimpse of what it could be like.