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Nicholson and Turner on stage. (Credit: Wikimedia)


Revisit the Arctic Monkeys' thunderous live cover of Nick Cave song 'Red Right Hand'


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song ‘Red Right Hand’ is a bonafide classic, one which originally featured on the Aussie’s 1994 album Let Love In and propelled their fame. Here, we are remembering when the Arctic Monkeys paid tribute to the song by covering it live over a decade ago.

The Sheffield band first played the track at the start of 2009 when they embarked on a tour of Cave’s home country, Australia. They then, somewhat controversially, performed the number during their epic headline set at Reading & Leeds later that year which had the younger audience members scratching their head with confusion.

Taking things a little further, Arctic Monkeys went on to add the song to their Japanese edition of their albumHumbug before later appearing as the B-Side for lead single ‘Crying Lightning’. “The song has fairly humble beginnings,” guitarist Mick Harvey and co-writer of the song once said. “Much of it came from a jam we were working on while writing songs for the ‘Let Love In’ album.  It’s unknowable and spooky and has taken on a life of its own.”

Well, the Monkeys took those humble beginnings and put some driving drums and heavy guitar behind it. Following on from set opener ‘My Propeller’, the headline act surprised fans with their cover version.

See the clip, below.

Other acts have also tried to make the song their own over the last twenty years so how do their version’s match up against the Monkeys. PJ Harvey’s put her spin on The Bad Seeds when she put together a rendition for hit BBC show Peaky Blinders. 

“He’s a man, he’s a ghost, he’s a god, he’s a guru,” is meant to tie together lead actor Cillian Murphy’s gangster character Tommy Shelby.

“We’re trying to make it feel much more European and British and PJ fits that bill perfectly,” the Peaky Blinders music producer once said. “I phoned Polly up and she was very interested. We’re trying to deconstruct all of Polly’s material and then weave it through, it’s very cutting-edge and modern.”

Here it is: