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(Credit: Jason Persse)

Relive Arctic Monkeys' momentous Beatles cover at the 2012 London Olympics


On a warm summer’s evening in July 2012, Sheffield’s finest took to the stage in East London tasked with elevate the 2012 Olympic Games with a masterful opening ceremony which attempted to celebrate the best of British.

Pulling out all the stops, Academy Award-winning film director Danny Boyle was recruited to run the show which had everything from James Bond and the Queen, to comedian Rowan Atkinson joining the London Symphony Orchestra.

Costing a cool £27million to put together, Boyle’s masterpiece was described as “a love letter to Britain” and successfully pulled together some of the UK’s oldest traditions. “We welcome you to an Olympic Opening Ceremony for everyone,” Boyle wrote in the ceremony programme. “A ceremony that celebrates the creativity, eccentricity, daring and openness of the British genius by harnessing the genius, creativity, eccentricity, daring and openness of modern London.”

While mentioning the “genius, creativity” it goes without saying that London needed to focus some its attention on Britain’s most iconic band; The Beatles. Having successfully managed to blend to older traditions with a contemporary twist throughout the entire ceremony, Boyle introduced his segment ‘Bike a.m’ with a blistering rendition of ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ from the Arctic Monkeys.

With the cycling athletes entering the stadium, Alex Turner lowered to mood of the evening with an ultra-cool cover version of The Beatles classic ‘Come Together’ as 75 cyclists circled the stadium with wings lit by LEDs representing Doves of Peace.

Enjoy the performance, below: