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Alex Turner Mini Mansions


Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner dances with topless women in Mini Mansions' new 'Vertigo' video

Mini Mansions, a band from L.A. that features Queensofthe Stone Age’s Michael Shuman, have shared their new album today.

Alongside the full length record release the band have released the timely new video for single ‘Vertigo’ starring Arctic Monkeys’ very own Alex Turner.

On the video, Shuman had this to say to Pitchfork:

“The night before the shoot we played this strange private party for Saint Laurent with Bleached and Sky Ferreira, where we each played 15 minute sets. So there was plenty of time for debauchery afterward. Us and Alex managed to stumble onto set for the shoot at 9am with a half dozen naked ladies waiting to partake in the shoot. I’d say it was a pretty ideal setup for the making of this video”

Basically, if you’ve got a pretty shitty pop song which lacks any particular character or personality, draft in your famous mates to sing a bit and dance with half naked women.

If by some miracle that plan isn’t getting you into Fern Cotton’s Radio 1 single of the day then namedrop Sky Ferreira and Saint Lauren after parties and that should just about do the trick.

Anyway, I know the only reason you’re here is to see some tits.