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Arctic Monkeys album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' sounds better when played on the ukulele


Now, ladies and gents, we’ve reached peak Arctic Monkeys fandom.

With the release of the band’s much anticipated sixth studio album, which Far Out described as Turner’s lyrics as some of the “most literal, fascinating and obscure to date” the their album review, fans have decided to bring their own renditions.

Now, ‘Eat My Uke’ a musical project for a particularly talented ukulele player, has put together an alternative offering. “This is the 6th Arctic Monkeys album I have arranged for the ukulele and it definitely the most challenging,” UK-based music and video creator said in a new post. “Regardless of your opinion on the album, it’s thick and dense musically so picking that apart and putting it on four strings was a mission to say the least.”

Here it is, enjoy: