Arab Strap announces vinyl reissue of 'The Week Never Starts Round Here'


Scottish duo Arab Strap has announce a special vinyl reissue of their 1996 album The Week Never Starts Round Here.

The record, which was originally release in November 1996 via Chemikal Underground, will be remastered from the original tapes and released throughout North America, the UK and Europe. As Pitchfork points out, the special release marks the album’s first domestic vinyl release in North America.

The band, whose core members are Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton, initially disbanded after they released 2005 album The Last Romance before reuniting ten years later to play a string of tour dates.

The reissue, available to buy through 1972 Records, is described as one of “civic pride” and “for a man who likes a drink, Moffat is a surprisingly reliable narrator: his lyrics often reference actual places, people and events, lending to his narratives a kind of Joycean realism.”

The label continues in its description: “At two different points on The Week Never Starts Round Here Moffat makes explicit references to his foil, Middleton. The particular football match between England and Ireland referenced in “The First Big Weekend” verifiably occurred; The Canteen was in fact a real bar in Falkirk; the Arches was a working nightclub in Glasgow. If so inclined, one could even make a pilgrimage to Scotland and map their own guided tour of Arab Strap locations.”

Have a listen, below.