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Anya Taylor-Joy wanted to play the mermaid in 'The Lighthouse'

Robert Eggers has emerged as one of the most prominent artistic forces in the landscape of contemporary cinema. Through films such as The Witch and The Lighthouse, Eggers has caught the attention of horror fans all over the world and he is back this year with a brand new epic called The Northman – starring the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman.

Eggers and Taylor-Joy have collaborated since the very beginning of their careers. She had her first proper film appearance in Eggers’ fantastic directorial debut The Witch, a role that launched her career to great heights and established her as a serious acting talent. Since then, she has worked on other popular projects like The Queen’s Gambit and Last Night in Soho.

In a recent interview, Taylor-Joy spoke about Eggers’ latest film which is a Viking epic and tells the story of a Viking prince who embarks on a deadly journey to avenge the death of his father. After its recent premiere, The Northman has been attracting critical acclaim for its atmospheric filmmaking as well as the performances of the cast.

While talking about her connection with Eggers, the actress revealed that she wanted to work with Eggers on all his projects including The Lighthouse – one of the finest films of the last decade. “I felt very lucky that Rob [Eggers] and I love each other so much and he wanted me to come along on this journey,” Taylor-Joy said.

Adding, “I was jumping at it because when he first called me and was like, ‘Hey I’m making The Lighthouse and there’s no role for you. There’s a mermaid…’ I was like, ‘I can be the mermaid!’ He was like, ‘You really should not be this particular mermaid, Anya.’ I was like, ‘I can be the seagull, I can just be in the background.'”

Watch the new trailer for The Northman below.