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(Credit: Anthony Burdain / CNN)


Anthony Bourdain's crime novel 'Gone Bamboo' is set for TV series


The late, great TV Chef and all-round inspirational guy Anthony Bourdain wasn’t just a serial punk, lover of great food and devoted music lover; he was also a world-renowned writer. Not just for his cookbook, Bourdain also produced crime novels as well.

Now, it has been confirmed, one of those novels is being made into a crime TV series. The original novel, titled Gone Bamboo, was written back in 1997, and the rights for its TV debut has been secured.

According to Deadline, producers Webster and Robert Stone, who had a hand in Gone In Sixty Seconds, have picked up the rights for a scripted TV series set on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

The story follows the adventures of a treacherous and hedonistic assassin by the name of Henry Denard as he struggles to make peace on the island. He needs the help of his amply skilled wife Helen, to finish things off and ensure the island’s happiness.

The chef wrote within the introduction to the novel: “I wanted to write a sociopath beach book. I wanted a hero and heroine as lazy, mercenary, lustful and free of redeeming qualities as I sometimes see myself.”

According to the Stones producers, Bourdain began writing Gone Bamboo having spent a year on St. Martin “while trying to redeem his own botched jobs early in his career.

As of now, we have no information on who may be cast in the role of Denard or a schedule for seeing this crisp and crucial story unfold on our TV screens. For now, we have excitement!