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Anna Meredith hits us with an incredible new video for ‘Dowager’


The mercurial Anna Meredith after returning from her first ever US tour, has given us a brilliant new video for her new single ‘Dowager’. A video where animation, drawings and live-action footage is all slammed together to create something truly attention worthy.

Anna and her band play along whilst the background continuously changes and they are at the mercy of a cyber-world which envelops them. Expect to see maps draw routes on themselves, historical figures, destroyed statues, and animated eyeballs.

Meredith says of the video: “I’m very excited to be working with the brilliant wonky mind of Ewan Jones Morris again on a second video. It feels like a bit of a darker partner piece to his excellent Taken video, which also features Sam and Jack and I singing as a group. I love the combination of animation and footage he’s used and the growth of the video through the track”

You’ve heard the hype now watch it unfold. Meredith is the real deal.