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(Credit: Anna Leone)


Anna Leone releases video for 'Still I Wait'


Anna Leone, the fantastic Swedish singer-songwriter, has just released a video for her brand new single ‘Still I Wait’.

Just like a lot of art these days, the parallels between the depiction of isolation in the song’s video and the widespread isolation of quarantine aren’t hard to pick up. These parallels are also not lost on Leone.

“I’ve usually been alone in my music videos, this is the first time I’ve worked with other people on-screen,” Leone says. “It was interesting to depict loneliness in a different way. How people can be close together but still feel disconnected and how it can be a challenge to reach out in isolation. It definitely wasn’t made with a quarantine situation in mind but it ended up being strangely reflective of the times.”

The quiet push and pull of the song’s sparse arrangement finds its perfect pairing in the video’s depiction of different individuals in an apartment complex, all under one roof, but isolated and alone.

“The building we were in turned out to be an abandoned hospital,” Leone adds. “And it was a night shoot, which combined made for a pretty special atmosphere. Nearly everything in the video was filmed with a large crane camera which went in and out of the windows, it was almost like a character in itself.”

As Leone sings “all my sorrows they remain the same,” we get quick glances into the personal lives of the building’s other inhabitants, all of whom a separated or lost in their own worlds. The melancholy is laid on thick, but it’s a beautifully wistful melancholy.

‘Still I Wait’ is Leone’s third single, after 2020’s ‘Wondering’ and 2021’s ‘Once’, both of which are featured on the ‘Still I Wait’ single. The 26-year-old released the Wandered Away EP in 2018.

Check out the video for ‘Still I Wait’ below.