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(Credit: Alamy)


The mandolin Janis Joplin gave Jimi Hendrix reaches whopping figure at auction

What cause would Jimi Hendrix have for a mandolin is the first thing that comes to mind in this tale. I love the lilting sound as much as the next guy, but you can’t help but feel it is about as fitting for Hendrix as giving a keyboard to Mozart. 

Nevertheless, the friendship between Janis Joplin and the guitar god is a noteworthy piece of history and the gift itself is a mark of the collective spirit of counterculture. Finally, it is also an outstandingly beautiful piece of kit. 

Thus, with that in mind, 29 bidders were happy to battle it out at auction until the gavel finally went down at a whopping price of $281,250 (roughly $240,000).

The mandolin has resided in a private collection for the last 20 years after it was acquired by the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. And now, since the instrument was listed, beautiful touches have been revealed like the phrase “Love thy neighbour” etched along the rim. 

This isn’t the first time that something formerly owned by Hendrix has fetched a huge fee at auction. His iconic Woodstock Strat went to auction and was eventually bought by Paul Allen who paid $2 million for it to be placed at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Jimi Hendrix’s hometown.

You can check out an image of the stunning mandolin below.