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Animal Collective share live set to celebrate 10th birthday of 'Feels'


To celebrate their amazing album Feels turning ten this year Animal Collective have given all those people without the opportunity to see them live a taste of what was expected. Recorded in 2004 in Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

During the 80 minute performance which you can listen to below the band showcase some of Feels most loved hit ‘Banshee Beat’ and ‘Did You See The Words’. Add this to a growing list of Animal Collective rarities and this performance makes Friday feel pretty damn great.

Any fan who is awaiting a new record with baited breath should be somewhat satisfied by this glimpse back to the past. Perhaps a vision of the future? Who knows? But for now, take a listen and rest your weary soul for the weekend is here and we have a whole 80 minutes of Animal Collective for you.