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Animal Collective announce new album with release of ‘FloriDada’

Animal Collective have finally announced the release of its eleventh studio album Painting With with the release coming on the February 19th via Domino Recording. The band are a mass of different ideas, compulsive craftsmanship and musical madness which sets them apart.

With the LP the band look towards the sun and the brightness which permeated more of their early work channeling warmth, heartiness and joy with a kaleidoscopic view all designed to dazzle and baffle in equal measure.

‘FloriDada’ leads the line and is a charmingly cheerful number which for a winter so grey is a perfect little pick me up.


  1. FloriDada
  2. Hocus Pocus
  3. Vertical
  4. Lying In The Grass
  5. The Burglars
  6. Natural Selection
  7. Bagels In Kiev
  8. On Delay
  9. Spilling Guts
  10. Summing The Wretch
  11. Golden Gal
  12. Recycling