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(Credit: Peter Koard)


New exhibition set to celebrate heroic activist Angela Davis


A huge exhibition is on its way dedicated to Angela Davis which is set to open this autumn in Germany at the Albertinum Dresden.

Organisers say that the focus of the show will be on the heroic civil rights campaigner’s “strategies of female self-empowerment and radical black resistance”. They aim to bring Davis’s activism to the surface as they re-visit her groundbreaking work following the Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the globe.

The exhibition is set to begin at the Kunsthalle in Lipsiusbau (Albertinum Dresden) and will run from October 10th all the way through to 24th January 2021 and is titled ‘One Million Roses for Angela Davis’. There is also dates pencilled in for the exhibition to make it’s way to America although dates are yet to be announced.

Kathleen Reinhardt, the contemporary art curator at the Albertinum Dresden, which is due to reopen 19 June, revealed that the show was initially due to open in May but of course was put on hold due to current circumstances. Reinhardt said: “The show will look at Angela Davis from an East German perspective through the lens of contemporary artistic practices today, and will also touch upon protests, uprisings and revolts.”

In 1970, Davis was charged with crimes linked to an armed takeover of Marin County courthouse in California which led to her spending 18 months in jail before she was finally acquitted of all charges in June 1972.

The following September, Davis visited Berlin where she was hero-worshipped by more than 50,000 East Germans on her arrival who greeted her as an iconic communist figure. The exhibition aims to celebrate art inspired by Davis from East German artists from that period.