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Listen to Angel Olsen’s cover of Lucinda Williams’ ‘Greenville’


Angel Olsen has been the talk of the town recently. With a new album out and a long-haul tour in the works, the singer-songwriter is well and truly on the charge.

In addition to everything Olsen has been working on lately, it appears that she has yet another trick up her sleeve, and has covered Lucinda Williams’ song ‘Greenville’ as part of an Amazon Music exclusive. 

Although the song might be a little off the beaten path, the folky, country-tinged effort has a melody that rings true to the style and ethos of Olsen. When revisiting the original, it’s easy to understand why Olsen might pick this as her next cover and, with that, she stays true to Williams’ effort while still gracing it with her own spin.

Speaking about Williams’ music, Olsen said: “There is no one like her out there. It’s clear to me that her songcome from a very real place, and that’s the only kind of writing I like.”

Olsen also expanded on her decision to cover the track, saying: “I recorded my version of ‘Greenville’ in Los Angeles earlier this month with Kyle Thomas of King Tuff. We’ve known each other for a while, but never recorded music together. Kyle made this so fun to record and we had a great time goofing around.”

She continues, “Meg Duffy also sang with me on this track. Meg showed me this song for the first time years ago and was the first one to introduce me to Lucinda’s music. It was very meaningful to have them on the track with me.”

Although you require an Amazon Music account in order to listen to the track, hearing her version of ‘Greenville’ is well worth it for those who already have the subscription. There’s no word yet as to whether she can – or will – release the song to other platforms, but Olsen definitely has more work on the horizon, including tour dates coming up, so you can stay tuned for all she has planned even if you can’t listen just yet.

If you have Amazon music, you can also listen to the exclusive cover below.