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Credit: Colin Medley

Andy Shauf shares the beautiful new track 'Try Again' ahead of new LP 'The Neon Skyline'

One of our favourite artists of the decade, Andy Shauf, has shared a brand new video for his new track ‘Try Again’ as we await the brand new 2020 album The Neon Skyline.

The Toronto-based, Saskatchewan-raised musician has fast become a Far out favourite. The artist’s songs unfold like short fiction: they’re densely layered with colorful characters and a rich emotional depth. On his new album The Neon Skyline (out January 24 via ANTI-), that trend continues with an idiosyncratic view of the world that is both personal and accessible.

The singer’s latest cut from that anticipated album, ‘Try Again’ has a brand new video to really whet your whistle. It’s a charming affair, which sees directors Gérald Fleury and Timo Hateau use stop animation geometry to tell an oddly sincere story. Somewhat influenced by ’70s French animation like Chapi Chapo and The Magic Roundabout it a simple yet artistic take on the song.

In fact, that simplicity is a reflection of Shauf’s overarching style. Simple and utterly satisfying with every tale of modern trials and tribulations. ‘Try Again’ is another marker of an artist who has the kind of songwriting chops to make him a cult legend.

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A shuffling ditty about awkwardly bumping into you ex at a bar, Shauf sings “Somewhere between drunkenness and charity/ She puts her hand on the sleeve of my coat/ She says ‘I’ve missed this’/ I say ‘I know, I’ve missed you too’/ She says, ‘I was actually talking about your coat.’” It’s another story we’re more than happy to hear over and over again.

Well, at least until The Neon Skyline arrives in January 2020.