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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Andy Serkis to release 'Animal Farm' adaptation


Master of mo-cap, Andy Serkis, has finally gotten around to bringing her adaptation of George Orwell’s allegorical 1945 novel Animal Farm to the big screen, with the production of the brand new film finally underway. 

Telling the story of the Russian revolution of 1917 and the Stalinist regime of the country at the time through a group of farmyard animals, the tale itself sees the animals rebel against their human owners and gain independence over the land. Such freedom isn’t all rosy, however, when, after a utopian environment is created, a pig named Napoleon claims power and declares that “all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. 

Having tried to adapt the novel since 2012, Serkis told The Hollywood Reporter a decade ago, “We’re keeping it fable-istic and aimed at a family audience. We are not going to handle the politics in a heavy-handed fashion”. Continuing, he added, “It is going to be emotionally centered in a way that I don’t think has been seen before. The point of view that we take will be slightly different to how it is normally portrayed and the characters, We are examining this in a new light”. 

The idea was purchased by Netflix in 2018 though has been in the dark ever since, with this brand new project being a co-production of the Imaginarium company and VFX experts Cinesite.

Speaking in a statement, Serkis announced, “The challenging journey to bring this extraordinary story to the screen has been finally rewarded by the opportunity to partner with the brilliant team at Aniventure and Cinesite”. 

Triumphant in his tone, the actor and director added, “Together we hope to make our version of Orwell’s ever relevant masterpiece, emotionally powerful, humorous, and relatable for all ages. A tale not only for our times, but for generations to come”.

Take a look at the trailer for the animated 1954 version, below.