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Andrew Garfield to play Richard Branson in new series

The Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield is hanging up his tight spidey suit for a bespoke tailored suit as he gets ready to portray Richard Branson in a new limited series that charts the rise of Virgin Airways. 

Titled Hot Air, the show will be directed by the director of Deadpool 2, David Leitch, and is based on the 1994 book Dirty Tricks, so we’re expecting a frenetic, quippy take on the business world along the same lines as the Oscar-winning Adam McKay movie, The Big Short

As reported by Deadline, the new six-part series is being proposed to several streaming services, and with such talent as Leitch and writer Jon Croker of Paddington 2 behind the wheel, it will be an irresistible property to turn down. The series itself is due to follow the events of the book written by journalist Martyn Gregory that chronicles the business battle between Virgin Airways and British Airways that resulted in Branson suing the rival company for £3.5million. 

Meanwhile, following his successful cameo in the Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, many are calling for the actor to rejoin the franchise, particularly as the new multi-versal storyline allows everyone and anyone to be included in the cinematic party. 

With Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jamie Foxx, Benedict Cumberbatch, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and many more, Spider-Man No Way Home is perhaps the most significant Spider-Man film of all time, wrapping up the series to date with a neat flourish. 

Take a look at the very moment Garfield appears in the latest Spider-Man movie, below.