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Andrew Bird releases poetic new single 'Make a Picture'

Andrew Bird - 'Make a Picture'

As he gears towards the release of his forthcoming album Inside Problems, Andrew Bird has graced us with another single from the record. ‘Make a Picture’ is the latest release from the LP and it stirs with the same lyrical introspection and unfurling sound that the other tracks have hinted at.

When we chatted with him about the record (for an interview that will be coming your way next week), it was clear that a sense of cathartic freedom in revelling in the ‘in-betweens’ was the creative driving force. That comes across on the track too.

The single is amorphous in every way, it plays by its own whims and is hard to pin down. Melancholy moments are quickly thwarted, and upbeat rhythms seem to roll towards the occasional mournful note. In short, it is a movable feast for the ears that seems as natural as a leaf being blown around in the breeze.

“With my ethos and what I like to hear in other recordings, the exciting thing to me is when I hear a risk involved. It’s really important to make an album that I get excited about while listening,” Bird explains. That sense is clear in the wavering structure of ‘Make a Picture’, but there is enough brilliance in the violin solo to reassure you that the choices made are done with a great deal of musical understanding.

“I love the feeling of chasing ideas and having them split off and go hang out with another idea and then budding them up against each other to see if they talk to each other,” Bird declares. Now 26 years on from his debut, it remains impressive how many of these colliding ideas Bird keeps coaxing. it is an ethos that has kept his output audibly fresh.

Inside Problems was produced by Mike Viola and recorded live by Andrew Bird and his four-piece band. It is due for release on June 3rd via Loma Vista. You can check out ‘Make a Picture’ below.

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