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Andrew Bird announces new album 'Inside Problems'


American singer-songwriter Andrew Bird has been busy, announcing his next album, releasing a new single, and putting out a short film to go alongside it.

The new single, ‘Underlands’, will appear on his upcoming album, Inside Problems, which is set for release on June 3rd via Loma Vista/Concord. The album was produced by Mike Viola and recorded live by Andrew Bird, supported by his four-piece band.

The single has a chilled-out and jazzy energy to it, allowing his voice to blend into instrumentation with buttery smoothness. Of recording the album, Bird has said: “I have so much fun taking my ideas apart before they really have defined themselves as distinct songs, when they’re still in that amoeba-like state. I love the feeling of chasing ideas and having them split off and go hang out with another idea and then butting them up against each other to see if they talk to each other.”

He continues, “You just don’t know what’s under the surface, be it the land, the sea, our skin. ou could be whistling away, projecting contentedness, when really there’s a swirling twisted mess underneath. Looking up, there’s the knowable universe but unless you get into astrology, you’ll find the stars don’t owe us anything and you’re left less assured than when we thought gods threw down lightning bolts.”

Bird describes Inside Problems, calling the upcoming release, “an album that deals with the unseen underneath and the membrane that separates your outside problems from your inside problems.”

If you want to take a listen to the new song, ‘Underlands’, you can find the song and the accompanying short film down below, and keep an eye out for the new album, Inside Problems, due out on June 3rd via Loma Vista/Concord.