Andrea Balency shares new single 'Simone'


Having released her second EP Volcano in March, Andrea Balency has returned with her latest offering, ‘Simone’.

Co-written, co-composed and co-produced by Rob McAndrews, the track finds itself in a long-standing artistic collaboration between the British producer and the French-Mexican artist.

Speaking about the new single: “Simone is very different from the songs in Volcano, so different that it almost feels like a side project,” Balency said.

“It’s a nice breath of fresh air, a little break from the heavier stuff I’ve been working on. It’s one of the very first collaborations between me and Rob McAndrews. We made it long distance and it took a very long time to finish it- but we saw each other to work on it in person and here it is finally. Hope you enjoy it.”