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Amy Winehouse’s father says new biopic is “not allowed”


Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch has reportedly slammed the latest planned biopic about his daughter’s final years and claimed it is “not allowed”.

Only a few days after the news broke that Halcyon Studios had purchased the adaptation rights for Daphne Barak’s book Saving Amy, the project suddenly seems under fire. 

Barak’s book is based on the last three years of her life which she spent with Barak who amassed 40 hours of footage and scores of photographs. The film will see Barak in an executive producer role.

Halcyon Studio CEO David Ellender announced in a statement: “Our team is honoured to be working on this project. Although her career was cut far too short, Amy was the voice of a generation, and we look forward to telling her story in the most poignant way possible.”

However, in an interview with TMZ, Mitch Winehouse has since announced that the biopic is “100% not allowed” and added: “They can’t be that stupid. Everyone knows proper licences must be granted.”

Despite this, Barak also spoke to TMZ and claimed: “I have all of the releases and legal agreements needed…This material is also all legally my property to sell.”

At this stage, it remains to be seen what the fate of the project is, but further updates are expected in the coming weeks.