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Amy Winehouse's family to tell her "real" story in new film


The family of Amy Winehouse have revealed plans to create a new film telling what they describe as her “real” story.

The biopic, which will tell an alternative story to the 2015 critically acclaimed documentary film Amy which was directed by Asif Kapadia. That film, of course, covers Winehouse’s life and her struggle with substance abuse with great detail and, at the time of release, was condemned by Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, who claimed the film was “misleading and contains some basic untruths”.

Now though, while speaking at the unveiling of Winehouse’s place on the Camden Walk of Fame, Mitch Winehouse confirmed the family’s intention to create their own film. “There’s a couple of things I can’t elucidate, if that’s the right word. I can’t really elaborate on, but yeah, there will be something like that, and a show,” her father, Mitch, told NME. “It’s something we’re very much looking forward to. To re-introduce people to Amy, but the real Amy. The one who loved people and was loved and had people all around her. A real positive image of Amy.”

While cameras are yet to start rolling, the intentions to create a new Amy Winehouse biopic come after the huge commercial and critical success of films such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman who both earned the top prize at the Oscars. When asked if the new film will follow the formula of the aforementioned biopics, he replied: “A different story of course, but it will be going along similar lines I guess, although we haven’t got that far. It’s all very exciting.”

For now, revisit the trailer of Kapadia’s effort, below.