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Amy Winehouse biopic will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson

For a long time now, there have been ongoing talks and plans about a biopic revolving around the trailblazing life and career of music icon Amy Winehouse. Back in 2018, Winehouse’s family delivered an official confirmation about such a project but there have been many disruptions to the work.

On the occasion of Winehouse’s induction into the Music Walk of Fame in London, her father Mitch provided more details about a potential biopic featuring the singer: “There’s a couple of things I can’t elucidate, if that’s the right word. I can’t really elaborate on, but yeah, there will be something like that, and a show.”

He also insisted that the family was excited about the opportunity to introduce Winehouse to wider audiences: “It’s something we’re very much looking forward to. To re-introduce people to Amy, but the real Amy. The one who loved people and was loved and had people all around her. A real positive image of Amy.”

When asked whether the biopic would be structured like the successful Bohemian Rhapsody, he responded: “A different story of course, but it will be going along similar lines I guess, although we haven’t got that far. It’s all very exciting.” However, there have been multiple licensing issues and it looked like the biopic wouldn’t happen at all.

Finally, there has been some confirmation about the project and it looks like the biopic has been green-lit. According to the latest reports, Sam Taylor-Johnson has taken over the production and will serve as the director while the script is being penned by Matt Greenhalgh who is adapting the famous book Saving Amy.

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