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(Credit: Dreamworks)


Co-star claims Kevin Spacey had weird acting methods on set of American Beauty

Kevin Spacey co-star in the 1999 film American Beauty, Mena Suvari, claims that he had “weird and unusual” acting processes while on set. 

Suvari played the best friend of Kevin Spacey’s daughter in the acclaimed comedic drama, as Spacey’s character devolved into continual sexual fantasies regarding the young cheerleader.

In an interview with People Magazine, she remarked that she had trusted Spacey throughout the filming but remembered one unusual incident while they prepared for an intimate scene.

In preparation for the scene, the pair lay on a bed “very close to one another,” Suvari recalls, “he was sort of gently holding me. It was very peaceful but weird and unusual.”

Regrettably, this story follows the undercurrent of the dark side of Hollywood. Suvari was discussing her work with Spacey as part of the promotion of her memoir The Great Peace, which documents, in part, how her early years in Hollywood were punctuated by sexual abuse. 

The former teen star comments: “Every time I would go on a set [and] every time I was interviewed, I was acting the whole time. It was another role for me to play. That I was okay.”