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Amen Dunes shares 'Believe' ahead of his fifth studio album

Damon MacMahon, AKA Amen Dunes, is already on his 5th studio album. No mean feat. It’s an even greater feat when considering that with each album he explores and evolves his music to reach new heights, or indeed, dig deeper in to his own psyche as both Damon and Amen Dunes.

This is seen no more clearly than on his latest album Freedom, which is out on Sacred Bones on March 30th. The new track to be taken form the album holds true to this notion.

‘Believe’ is one of those tracks that melts away all that surrounds you. It seems a slow-tempo track as it slowly grows to envelop the listener and mark itself as one of the stand out tracks of the album, and perhaps the epitome of the album themes.

In the song MacMahon wrestles with his previous notions surrounding his mother. He moves his previous disdain for her disregard for life towards a more admiring stand point. Lyrically it delivers across the board.

The honesty and forthright artistry is understanding yet uncompromising, individual and inclusive and speaks of so highly of the upcoming album we can hardly wait.