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Amen Dunes new track 'Blue Rose' hints at brilliant new album


Damon MacMahon, AKA Amen Dunes, is already on his 5th studio album. No mean feat. It’s an even greater feat when considering that with each album he explore and evolves his music to reach new heights, or indeed, dig deeper in to his own psyche as both Damon and Amen Dunes.

This is seen no more clearly than on his latest effort to come from the new album Freedom, which is out on Sacred Bones on March 30th. With each track on the new album Amen Dunes sets out to explore the different identities that run through, across and conjoin the two personas.


It’s an interesting concept and with it we get to see up close and personal where the two people meet. One of the more personal encounters is on latest track ‘Blue Rose’. The song explores the ‘musician’ identity and how MacMahon used this ethereal work to escape the harsh reality of an unpredictable father locked in his own fantasy, and ultimately fight against it.

It is this kind of work which we hold so dear when considering Amen Dunes. The honesty and forthright artistry is understanding yet uncompromising, individual and inclusive and speaks of so highly of the upcoming album we can hardly wait.