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Amber Heard's attorney reports actor cannot afford to pay damages


The much-publicised defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has finally come to an end, with Depp coming out on top over his ex-wife. 

Now, the attorney who led Heard’s legal team has reported that the actor is not able to pay the $10.4 million worth of damages that have been awarded to Depp. Appearing on TODAY,  Elaine Bredhoft discussed the verdict and explained why her client lost the case.

“Well, you know, really what happened here is it’s a tale of two trials. Johnny Depp brought a suit in the UK for the same case,” she explained, pointing to a case that the actor brought against The Sun newspaper, with the publication stating that Heard’s reports of abuse were “substantially true”. 

“The burden of proof was easier for him there, The Sun had to actually prove that it was true. And the court found there — and we weren’t allowed to tell the jury this — but the court found that Mr. Depp had committed at least 12 acts of domestic violence, including sexual violence against Amber,” Bredhoft explained in length. 

Confirming to the TODAY programme that her client does not have access to $10.4 million needed to pay the compensatory damages awarded to Depp, Amber Heard is pursuing an appeal against the decision. 

Believing that Heard has “excellent grounds” to appeal the verdict, Bredhoft believes the decision of the jury was influenced by the overwhelming social media presence on the case, with the large majority of online onlookers siding with Johnny Depp.