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Amber Heard film ‘London Fields’ suffers one of the worst box office debuts of all time


London Fields, a dystopian mystery film with a star-studded cast of Amber Heard Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Sturgess, Johnny Depp, and Cara Delevingne drastically flopped at box office.

The film, which was severely delayed, limped to just $160,000 (£125,000) over the entire weekend after it had been premiered in 613 cinemas. The damning results of that reveal that each venue sold just $190 (£148) worth of tickets.

‘London Fields’ synopsis: 

[su_pullquote]“Clairvoyant femme fatale Nicola Six has been living with a dark premonition of her impending death by murder. She begins a tangled love affair with three uniquely different men, one of whom she knows will be her murderer.”[/su_pullquote]

The film, which has been overcome by legal issues, saw the pre-planned screening at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015 scrapped as director Mathew Cullen filed a lawsuit against the film’s producers, citing fraud and claiming they had failed to pay him and took away final cut. At the time, producers responded to the lawsuit, saying: “The timing and the content of the director’s lawsuit shows that it is a publicity stunt. The filing of Mathew Cullen’s complaint violates the arbitration provisions of his own guild, the DGA.

“Sadly, Mathew can’t deal with the fact that he does not control the final cut of the movie. He was given two deadlines to deliver a ‘director’s cut’ and missed both deadlines. His guild has rules for withdrawing his name from the picture and he missed those deadlines. The production company will vigorously oppose the lawsuit.” Months later, the producing firm counter sued Cullen, claiming they had terminated all editing rights when the project ran over budget in excess of $2 million and for late delivery.

In the middle of the chaos, lead actress Amber Heard was in the middle of a very public divorce with Johnny Depp, citing domestic violence and abuse. Heard obtained a temporary restraining order against Depp, stating in her court declaration that he had been “verbally and physically abusive” throughout their relationship. A settlement was reached on August 16, 2016, and the divorce was finalized in January 2017 with Heard receiving in excess of $7million (£5.4million). 

To end the misery of this film, in November 2016, a second lawsuit was filed by the producers suing Amber Heard for $10million. The lawsuit claims ‘Heard and Cullen made unauthorised changes to the film’s script and failed to finish voice-over work.’

Such is the running theme, Heard then counter sued claiming the ‘producers violated a nudity clause in her contract’. In September 2018, producers reached an out of court settlement with Heard.