(Credit: Clem Onojeghuo)


Amazon to start stocking vinyl records again


It has been announced that Amazon will again resume stocking vinyl records after they temporarily stopped stocking discretionary items amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With world health advice urging people to stay at home and self-isolate, governments around the globe enforced strict social distancing measures and forced countries into lockdown. Amazon, who has seen a major spike in home delivery shopping, switched their business plan accordingly. Given the extreme demand for household products such as toilet paper, cleaning products hand sanitiser, face masks and more, Amazon put a hold on certain items in order to make space in their warehouses to hold more of the aforementioned products.

Given their commitment to household products, it meant Amazon scaled back its discretionary items as a consequence which means sales of vinyl records will take a hit. However, after a prolonged period of isolation, Amazon has now confirmed its intentions to operate in their usual method.

“Later this week, we will allow more products into our fulfilment centres,” an Amazon spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal. “Products will be limited by quantity to enable us to continue prioritising products and protecting employees, while also ensuring most selling partners can ship goods into our facilities.”

Elsewhere in the article, Amazon also announced their plans to hire as many as 75,000 new employees to add to the 100,000 who were hired in the last four weeks in order to meet the demands.

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease was first officially identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei in China. As of April 12th, more than 1,934,128 cases of COVID-19 have been officially confirmed but the actual number is thought to be much higher due to substantial under-reporting of cases.

With more than 120,437 people having died from the virus, COVID-19 has now spread into more than 180 other countries—including mainland Europe, South America and many more. Given the exponential growth in cases in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK, the WHO stated that Europe became the epicentre of the pandemic after the strict lockdown in China saw reduced numbers. Now, however, as the virus continues to spread aggressively across The United States—who have more confirmed cases than any other country—the epicentre of coronavirus is expected to be officially changed to North America.