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Allah-Las - 501-415

We have been sitting in the beautiful sunshine discussing how we can transform greying Britain into a kaleidoscopic utopia of free love and expensive pain all because of one sun drenched little ditty. That ditty is from California’s own Allah-Las and their song ‘501-415’ which, apart from being entirely apt for the orange evening ahead, is our Track of the Day.

Sometimes songs and their accompanying videos are two separate entities, one the purest form of the band’s art, the other a gloopy pile of marketing gob. How delighted we were then when we saw the video for this charming melodic song, full of Monkees-esque slapstick and Cypress Hill-esque weed smoking.

It’s hard not to dwell on the herby nature of this 1 minute 45 seconds of pure, unbridled American-folk. It permeates the song, filling us with a sweet, comfortable and toxicity which begs for clear skies and setting suns. The video continues with this theme. Draped in the American flag, a classic picket fence is the backdrop for the video and in a way ‘501-415’ itself. Full of pop-culture references and dotted with suburban social commentary, the record takes on a Dylan tone which is only compounded by Michaud’s breathy and consistent delivery.

‘501-415’ proves that although the dusty, vinyl vintage sound is classic Mid 60’s West Coast surf/psych, the Allah-Las are altogether a bit more honest. They have not ripped off this sound as a sure fire winner, they have enjoyed, enveloped and embodied it. Allah-Las are making their own music to be admired and adored now, just wait 40 years.