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Allah Las - Had It All


The first bitter signs of winter are so increasingly present on this cold, dank and grey Sunday morning that i find it necessary to inject myself and you, with a little Californian sunshine circa 1966. The Allah Las have just the capability to turn the grittiest bus stop in Scunthorpe into a sun baked hammock, sipping whiskey sours and dreaming of Edie Sedgewick. So now, because of this magical gift they’re our Track Of The Day with Had It All.

Their track Had It All is no different to the rest of the Allah Las back catalogue. They keep their strung out sound, mixing the traditional surf beat and guitar lines with the pranged out lyrics and the delivery of early Velvet Underground, a beautiful, bashful mix.

Had It All is a perfect slice of 60’s memorabilia taken from their ‘in-between records record’ double sided 7-inch, which is a special edition in a lot of ways. Most namely in how the Allah Las manage to mix bongos, hi-hats, melancholy guitars and vocal snarling into a track that still seems contemporary whilst being impeccably and entirely stylised.

It’s a hard balancing act to achieve, keeping the music fresh and new yet trying to evoke a feeling found in the past; the Allah Las can do this however because they are genuine fanatics and so write these songs with a pure love and not one eye on the bank balance (ahem The Strypes). This authenticity is why these California fruits don’t leave a sour taste in your musical mouth.

This special edition release will be quite special, not least because it is being sold only at forthcoming shows (and ebay, of course) but more entirely because of the band’s continuing dedication to a style, sound and substance that is being somewhat forgotten. In the midst of the 90’s skater rock that is flooding the Atlantic lies a few gems of genuine musicianship and devotion to a different kind of Americana.

I know which i’d rather have on a Sunday morning.

Jack Whatley