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All aboard the M Train: Patti Smith to take memoirs on the road

For Patti Smith fans, the news that the iconic singer-songwriter will take her new collection of memoirs on the road is likely to be very welcome indeed.

Smith will release M Train on October 6th via publishers Knopf – the follow-up to her first award-winning book Just Kids, which arrived on shelves five years ago.

And now it has been revealed that she will treat fans to a tour of libraries, university lecture theatres and other much-loved spaces, encompassing readings, Q&A sessions and no doubt a shedload of revelations not to be missed.

The stint of dates will take place throughout October, with Smith kicking off at New York Public Library on the day of M Train’s release, eventually winding up at Seattle Town Hall on the 22nd.

There hasn’t been any word on whether the tour will be extended to the UK, but after a hugely successful recent run of gigs playing Horses in its entirety (including a set a Glastonbury that involved the Dalai Lama), fans this side of the Atlantic will certainly be hoping she’ll make the journey.

In addition, HarperCollins is also set to release an expanded version of Patti Smith Collected Lyrics, which was first unveiled 17 years ago. The new edition will document up to 40 pieces of work that Smith has produced during that period.

Listen to ‘Horses’ by Patti Smith below.