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(Credit: Alison Mosshart)


Alison Mosshart releases second solo single 'It Ain’t Water'


Alison Mosshart, more commonly recognised as the uncompromising lead of there The Kills and The Dead Weather, has shared her second solo song ‘It Ain’t Water’.

To coincide with the single news, Mosshart has also revealed details of the forthcoming 7-inch release on Domino. The vinyl release pairs the material with previously-released digital single ‘Rise’ and is set for physical release on July 31st.

Written late last year, ‘It Ain’t Water’ was recorded with Alain Johannes and has been a long time coming for Mosshart. Having been sat on the track for quite some time, and every time the singer found herself battling a bout of writer’s block, she’d pick up her guitar and sing it.

“Working with Alain on ‘It Ain’t Water’ was a blast,” Mosshart said of the songs’ creation. “He’s such a talent and such a kind person. His mind is wide open. He understands and sees the beauty in imperfection, magic moments, accidents—the soulful human stuff, and the spirited super-human hard to explain stuff that makes a song great.”

She added: “Working with him was an honour, and also, hot damn he can play any instrument like a champ… like he invented the instrument himself. Alain Johannes IS music.” 

Stream the song, below.