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(Credit: Schorle)


Alice Phoebe Lou releases new 'Paper Castles' documentary


At a time when live music seems like a distant memory, a time when millions of people are forced to remain indoors amid strict social distancing measures, Alice Phoebe Lou has offered a somewhat nostalgic look at life on the road.

The South African singer-songwriter, who met with Far Out Magazine for a conversation about her major European tour in support of her latest album Paper Castles, has shared a new documentary which offers a behind-the-scenes look at its creation.

This singer-songwriter, who made the bold decision to move from her home in South Africa and thrust herself into the energetic Berlin scene at just 19-years-old, independently self-released her beautiful third record much to the pleasure of her cult following.

“I barely wrote songs until I got to Berlin and really started going for music as a path,” she explained to Far Out when we talk about Berlin as a creative city to live. “All the experiences I was having, the people I was meeting and the process of becoming a woman in such a vibrant city and creating a new home; a chosen home, all contributed to me having content for song-writing.”

The way Alice Phoebe Lou tours echoes that independent spirit which rears his head in everything the talented songwriter does, as she explains: “There are really no average days at the moment, very little consistency. I’m playing the role of the tour manager too to cut down on costs, so it’s all just finding solutions to problems, trying to wake up the boys, get us to soundcheck on time, stay hydrated, eat some good food. Always ends with a fun show and meeting new people and then sleeping on a new stranger’s couch!”

Here, we catch a glimpse inside life on the road. With a film directed by Julian Culverhouse, we follow Alice Phoebe Lou around Europe.

See the film below and read our full interview, here.