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Alice Cooper promises two new albums

Shock rocker Alice Cooper is keeping busy. He isn’t working on one album, but two. What’s more, Cooper mainstay Bob Ezrin- who worked with Pink Floyd in 1979 – will be producing the works. 

“One is…” Cooper confirmed, “Totally written, and we’ll be doing bed tracks for that one pretty soon. The other one is just a touch in the future, but that’s being written right now too.”

“They’re two entirely different kinds of albums,” he elaborated, “But they’re Alice Cooper, pure rock’n’roll albums.”

Cooper and The Cult recently announced details of a co-headlining UK arena tour that’s scheduled to take place during the summer. Both bands are known for their terrifying commitment to their craft. “Rock ‘n’ roll needed a villain,” Cooper explained, opening a snapshot of his creative process. “True rock ‘n’ roll didn’t have a villain. We had all these Peter Pans,” he explained. “No Captain Hook. And …. I looked around and went, ‘I will gladly be that villain.’”

“I wanted Alice to be threatening and yet funny at the same time, you know? I wanted that combination of not exactly knowing what he was going to do, but you know, he may… he may slit your throat, but he would never swear at you …know what I mean? He was a gentlemen’s villain and arrogant and condescending. And yet I didn’t mind him slipping on a banana peel once in a while for the laugh. You know, there’s nothing funnier than a guy like that, blowing it in front of an audience and then having to recover.”

Cooper released Detroit Stories in 2021. “You can’t really cover anything with 13 songs,” he said, “But we tried to cover every kind of music in Detroit. There’s blues there, there’s Motown, mostly hard rock – Detroit is a guitar-driven hard rock town – because when we moved there from L.A,” Cooper remembered. “LA had The Doors and they had Love and bands like that and San Francisco had their Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane and New York had their bands but in Detroit, we didn’t fit in anywhere except Detroit, so when we went to Detroit we met Iggy & The Stooges and Ted Nugent and Bob Segar and Suzi Quatro so we fit right in there and at the same time I was from Detroit – that’s my hometown – so we were welcomed with open arms. That’s really where a lot of our stuff came out. That’s where ’18’ broke and everything big happened for us out of Detroit.”