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(Credit: Lisa Birds)


Daughters frontman Alexis Marshall accused of abuse by Lingua Ignota

Lingua Ignota has alleged that she suffered abuse while in a relationship with Daughters frontman Alexis Marshall.

Ignota took to Twitter to release a statement that began: “I was in an abusive relationship with Alexis Marshall from July 2019 through June 2021. I endured mental and emotional abuse and sexual abuse resulting in bodily harm. Alexis’ addiction to one-sided sex effected me in extreme ways”.

She continues: “I was subjected to multiple sexual assaults/rapes where I was fully penetrated while sleeping without my consent, after I explicitly stated this was *not ok with me.* Alexis obtained consent through deception, manipulation, and coercion.”

The musician, whose real name is Kristin Hayter, then concluded: “As a result of this relationship my quality of life decreased significantly. I suffered enormous psychological and physical damage. I continue to do physical therapy to treat ongoing issues with my spine and am in intensive therapy”.

When reached for comment by Pitchfork, Marshall’s representatives shared the statement: “I absolutely did not engage in any form of abusive behaviour towards Kristin”.

Adding: “Kristin is a person that I loved and cared deeply for, however, our relationship was unhealthy for both of us. I can assure anyone reading this that I absolutely did not abuse her, mentally or physically. I am investigating legal options”.

You can read Ignota’s full comprehensive statement attached to the Tweet below.