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Alex Turner reveals new Arctic Monkeys record is him "having a word" with himself


In his recent interview with Mojo, Alex Turner revealed that the new Arctic Monkeys record Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was not only autobiographical but more accurately described as him “having a word with himself”.

We’ve been reporting on the developing news that the new album due from Arctic Monkeys on May 11th is much closer to an Alex Turner solo record than any previous efforts from the band. Lacking their traditional indie-guitar hooks the LP focuses more on Turner’s writing and piano work which surrounds a far more autobiographical tone.

When asked during the Mojo feature whether ‘Golden Boy’, the track we recently revealed featured lines linked to Turner’s idolisation of The Strokes, was autobiographical Turner responded by saying “Well the album sort of all is. I’m having a word with myself, intermittently, throughout all 11 tunes.”

He said: “I tried to write this kind of thing before. I just didn’t know how to really. I think I tried and recognised, thankfully, that I wasn’t ready. It’s like the natural place to have gone, after that first record, was somewhere round here.”

The record also sees Turner and Co turn their attention to the ugliness of the acceleration of technology in our lives.

“I found it very difficult to write about because it sounds ugly. All the words connected to it are horrible … And I don’t want to f***ing hear it either.

“But I think I’ve got better with technology since I wrote those songs. I realise that I’m not always checking the news – that I’ve stepped away from it a bit.”

He continued to muse about how he often uses writing to inform his own behaviour, regularly acting as a deterrent “Maybe sometimes I put stuff into a song to stop myself from doing it – I think I’m just realising that’s true. Like, there’s a line in the middle of ‘She Looks Like Fun’ about waffling on to strangers about martial arts in bars and that was definitely something I was doing a lot of and was aware I needed to stop doing.”

So expectations on the new record continue to swell, but one things for sure: this will be the closest look in to Alex Turner’s life ever.