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Alex Turner breaks down 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' and Arctic Monkeys evolution


Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has broken down the band’s new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino an in-depth interview with Studio Brussel.

Turner, whose lyrical work with the new record was described as “his most literal, fascinating and obscure to date” in the Far Out Magazine album review, answered all lingering questions surrounding Arctic Monkeys.

Sitting down with Studio Brussel host Stijn Van de Voorde, Turner explained why his auto-biographical lyrics were always destined to be with the band and not a solo record. Breaking down the album track by track, the idea of a collective record based around the piano was what lured Turner the most.

Rejecting the idea that Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was a concept album, Turner chose instead to describe the work as series of short stories.

Watch the full interview, here: