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Alex Lahey shares 'Lotto In Reverse'


Aussie Alex Lahey is set to release her debut LP in October via Dead Oceans Records. But before that she is sharing the brand new track from the album I Love You Like A Brother and playing ‘Lotto In Reverse’.

The song is what we have come to expect form the singer/songwriter. In truth, we are pretty big fans; a heavy dose of fuzzy guitar, a jangling beat that befits a summer dance and the kind of witty lyricism which makes acts go from ‘kinda’ to ‘culy-hero’.

The track follows the titular prospect about gambles not paying off. Namely, in this regard relationships that vyou end up paying too heavily for. It’s archetypal Lahey, smart and sultry enough to make your brain whir, with enough bite and distortion to make the head surrounding it thrash around.

Take a listen and get ready for the new album.


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