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Alex Lahey declares ‘Let’s Go Out’

Melbourne is apparently the epicentre of the singer/songwriter. Ok, that may be a bit far, but the latest to emerge from the Aussie city is Alex Lahey and boy is she something to behold.

A truly talented lyricist she rivals her trailblazing compatriot Courtney Barnett for wit and wryly laying bare the complexities of a society.

‘Let’s Go Out’ is on the face of it a gifted pop tune. Simple in construction the hook in the chorus will be in your head all day – we guarantee that. But what really sets her apart from other pop tinged acts of the time is her incredible ability to not only make simple statements feel grand but do it all in a very accessible way.

“Remember that time we slept together, and we just slept but your girlfriend dumped you anyway? I don’t hold that against her”  may be the best line of the year so far. It is this mix of the dramatic and the realistic which makes this track so incredibly delightful.