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Tape Waves finally release their new album 'Let You Go'

Let You Go

Though you may not have heard, Let You Go is the soon to be released debut album of a slightly unknown quantity indie duo going by the name of Tape Waves.

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, the band is made up of husband and wife: Jarod and Kim Weldin and not to be one to miss out on all the fun, we took it upon ourself to find out what all the fuss is about.

Whilst listening to the album you can’t help but let your mind wander to some disgusting cliché like lying on the grass looking up at a clear blue sunny sky, as every song does its best to encompass the ‘spirit of summer’ or whatever that is.

The up-beat twangy guitar gives a hint of the Beach Boys, and the jaunty rhythm matched with Kim’s sullen and distant vocals makes the whole album feel like a relaxing dream sequence.  Every tune is crafted around a simple steady drum beat, embracing elements of indie-pop with the ever so subtle notes of something a little naughty, a little ‘psychedelic’ or so everybody references these days.

On first listen you may think this is just a cheery pop album, but delve a little deeper, the contrast between the sound and the deeper meaning becomes more visible, themes of lost love and heart-break appearing frequently throughout single, ‘Let you go’.

Album opener, ‘Slow Days’ is a moody bastard but a captivating lament that sticks to your soul like a leech. This song works as a solid and fitting introduction to an album and sound from a band that want to take you on a journey, they’re just settling you into to the gentle ebb and flow the record possesses.

With a splash of the swinging 60s mixed in this tune the balance between old and new feels just about right. The rest of the tracks on the record seem to follow a similar sort of structure, but instead of getting tiresome the album develops to move along at a pleasurable pace, each song leading into the next with ease.

‘Wherever I Go’ is the seventh track on the album and will take the medal for ‘highpoint on a record’ and unlike its rival ‘Slow Days’, takes a more upbeat approach presenting a sound you can sway along to. With a catchy chorus and naughty little hook to suit the reverberant vocals seem to reflect on the thrill and intensity of young love, or some romantic shit like that.

All in all Let You Go is as charming as it is dreamy and a beautiful debut from a charming and lovely husband and wife indie-pop duo.

Clarrie-Rose Plommer.