ALBUM OF THE WEEK: 'Anglo-Saxon Summer', Dante Elephante


Artist: Dante Elephante
Album: Anglo Saxon Summer
Label: Lolipop Records
For fans of: Real Estate, Foxygen
Standout tracks: Never Trust A Junkie, Pop Song, Yung Gurls

Santa Barbra hailing indie-rock bunch Dante Elephante combine sweeping California surf-rock with uplifting British 60s melody – with their debut album release Anglo Saxon Summer, out now in the UK on Lolipop Records.

The California band sees jangling guitars dancing in slacker-pop meeting the soothing stroke of 60s melody – formulating an enchanting breeze.

Dante Elephante bring sentimentality to garage-pop.

Creating a vibrant shake, ‘Never Trust A Junkie’ rumples a melancholic sway with an uplifting kick. The sunshine-kissed garage shiver bumbles playfully, with lazily saccharine jumbles of guitar and shuffles of drums.

Swooning in bluesy slacker-rock ‘Pop Song’ swirls along with a sweetly sung melody. “I know it’s not the way that you always wanted, I don’t care about a pop song…” delectably croons forlorn lyrics of love. Produced by Foxgen’s Jonathon Rado, it seems Dante Elephante share similar nostalgic indie romanticism with their producer’s former band.

‘Couple Apples’ is Anglo Saxon Summer’s most feel-good – strolling in indie pop. A chiming funk of keys dashes us through the short one minute fourty-five track, in a playful haste.

The elevating ‘Yung Gurls’ keeps up the 60s sweetheart theme – with adorably soft sauntering guitar chords. “I want to stay here with you…” hazily echoes the lyrics, syrupy like dripping honey.

Innovatively exploring an experimental oriental sound, ‘Kyoto ‘74’ stands as the records most enjoyably peculiar. A cow-bell drum beat drips across the track with chiming downward spirals of guitar, in a pacifying wave. Lyrics blossom through the instrumentation in a fuzzy and colorful haze.

Signed to LA record label Lolipop, Dante Elephante certainly bathes in Californian surf-rock – but the other elements they awash with is what makes them so unique. Adding a fuzz of garage-pop along with the slushiness of classic rock and roll to the affluence of surf-rock creates an equally comforting and arresting sound.

Dante Elephante dips surf-rock into new waters with Anglo Saxon Summers, producing an eclectic and romantic mix.

Emily Schofield