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(Credit: Saturn Ship, Ltd)


Alan Vega's posthumous single ‘Fist’ released


A new single, entitled ‘Fist’, has been shared from former Suicide singer Alan Vega’s forthcoming posthumous album, Mutator.

The upcoming record features an array of lost songs from Vega’s catalogue that went unreleased throughout his career. The former Suicide frontman passed away back in 2016 at the age of 78 and left a wealth of material unreleased following his death. The new album will be released on April 23rd via Sacred Bones Records and is only the first sample of the so-called ‘Vega Vault’ full of unreleased Vega material.

Mutator was recorded with Vega’s longtime collaborator and wife, Liz Lamere, between 1995-96. She only re-discovered the body of work that makes up the vault in 2019. Lamere and Vega’s close friend and confidante, Jared Artaud, then worked together to produce and mix the songs to make them ready for release.

Jared Artaud commented: “‘Fist’ reveals the album’s archetypal sonic framework of balancing intensity with calm. Music you can meditate to or blast during a protest march.

“Vega was a champion of the underdog. His lyrics inspire strength for the individual to rise up and destroy those destroying us. ‘Fist’ sets Mutator into motion with Vega’s ‘no notes’ mantra and blistering poetic truths that balance a dark vision with hope.”

Meanwhile, Vega’s widow Lamere added: “‘Fist’s relentless forward movement of the music coupled with Vega’s battle cry lyrics makes it a powerful call for action to the people to muster their power, come together and Make One Nation. The message is timely, the impact timeless.”

Check out the lost track, below.