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Alan Rickman's 27 intimate diaries to be published as one complete book

It has been confirmed that the entire collection of Alan Rickman’s 27 “intimate and occasionally provocative” diaries will be released as one complete book.

Rickman, one of the most beloved and creative actors in the history of British cinema, is widely celebrated for a number of iconic performances in films such as Harry Potter, Die Hard, Truly Madly Deeply and many more. In a highly prolific career which began in 1976, Rickman’s time on the big screen would sadly come to an end in 2016 when he passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 69.

Now, in a bid to remember his unique personality, publishing house Canongate will run Rickman’s “witty, gossipy and utterly candid” handwritten diaries as part of an extensive new book entitled The Diaries of Alan Rickman.

“I’m delighted that Canongate will be publishing Alan’s diaries, and couldn’t have wished for a finer appointment of editor than Alan Taylor,” Rima Horton, Rickman’s widow, told The Guardian. “The diaries reveal not just Alan Rickman the actor, but the real Alan – his sense of humour, his sharp observation, his craftsmanship and his devotion to the arts.”

Taylor also explained that the book will be a collection of “anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid, they make compulsive reading and offer a peerless insight into the daily life of a remarkable actor who was as beloved in the US as he surely was in the UK.”

The diaries will offer an incredibly candid look behind the curtain of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated artists. Rickman, who has worked alongside some of the best in the business, kept note of all they key moments of his life and maintained the act of writing down his thoughts across a 25 year period.

Detailing the project, Canongate added: “More than anything though, the diaries reveal the real Alan Rickman, funny, passionate, occasionally provocative, and give fresh insight into his art,” in a statement.

“He wrote his diaries as if chatting with a close friend. They provide pitch-perfect vignettes: short, pithy paragraphs painting big pictures, and offering intriguing insights into himself, his peers and the world around him. They are intimate, perceptive and very funny.”