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Al Pacino wants Timothée Chalamet to star in 'Heat' reboot

Al Pacino has worked on several iconic projects over the course of his illustrious career but almost none of them have surpassed the achievements of Michael Mann’s 1995 magnum opus Heat. Although decades have passed since the release of the film, the actor has been thinking about a new edition.

Recently, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted a screening of the highly influential neo-noir during which the people involved with the production spoke about the origins of the project. Pacino’s on-screen combination with Robert De Niro in a deadly game of heists has been immortalised within the frameworks of popular culture.

Although Mann could not attend the screening due to his recent bout with Covid-19, the director revealed how the project came into existence: “At the Broadway Deli in 1994, I told Art [Linson, also in attendance], let’s produce my screenplay and find a director, because maybe I wouldn’t direct it. He told me I was crazy—so this is all his fault.”

Producer Linson also spoke about Mann’s dedication to cinematic perfection and how it almost cost him his career in the process: “Michael endured a lot of anger [from studio executives] because of how dedicated he was to getting it right… You’re not welcome after that unless a movie works, and that one did.”

While talking about a possible reboot of Michael Mann’s 1995 masterpiece Heat, Al Pacino was asked to name a young star who had his iconic energy and he did not hesitate to answer the question at all. Praising the rising star who has become a global icon, Al Pacino declared: “Timothée Chalamet… He’s a wonderful actor.”

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