Airbnb sued by French hotels for “unfair competition”

The main trade group for French hotels, Paris (AFP), have announced their intentions to sue American company Airbnb. The timeshare company are being accused of unfair competition by ”knowingly violating” the rules.

They have been accused, on Tuesday, of keeping listings online when they lack the correct and needed registration number. AFP state that Paris and other cities have recently introduced this law to put a stop to people who rent out their property as a business.

The lawsuit claims that Airbnb, which has a limit of 120-day yearly limit, knows that some owners are renting their accommodation for more than this allotted time. Moreover, AFP claims that Airbnb is also aware that renters are illegally using the site.

A first court hearing is set for February 14, 2019. The UMH has said that “assuming that one per cent of the listings offered by Airbnb is illicit, the total loss for the (hotel) industry would reach tens of millions of euros each year.”

The French hotel company, in-line with one of the nightly rates of an illegal Paris renter found guilty this year, is seeking a symbolic €143 (£124). In line with their legal battle, they are also seeking €50,000 (£43,500) to cover their legal fees.