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Air France's Anne Rigail becomes the first-ever female CEO of a major global airline


Anne Rigail has been the named the first ever female SEO of airline Air France. 

Rigail takes charge at a time when Air France attempts to move on from ongoing disputes between the company and its staff. In what has been a turbulent time, a deal was agreed that sees staffers earn 4% pay increase by 2019 after ongoing strikes caused havoc. 

Now, Rigail emerges as the leader to carry the airline into a new direction: “Anne is a strong professional in the airline industry,” Smith said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Throughout her career, she has always paid particular attention to employees while implementing the many projects and transformations she has and placed the customer at the heart of everything she does. With the support and commitment of every single employee, I am confident we can rise to the challenges for Air France today, ensuring service excellence to all our customers.”